Welcome to Trinity Christian School

Preparing students for life: natural, spiritual, and eternal


Pre-K through 12th Grade



The early childhood years play a formative role in establishing a student’s success later in life. Trinity’s preschool and kindergarten program focuses on building a strong academic and spiritual foundation through challenging and engaging curriculum taught from a biblical worldview. Beginning at age three, we offer an energetic, nurturing, interactive environment where students experience academic, spiritual, and social success. Learn more about our exciting preschool and kindergarten program.



In the elementary program, we love and appreciate the unique creation that is each and every student! We work hard to provide each student with a rich and engaging environment that equips and challenges them academically and that persistently points them to Christ. We invite you to learn more about our focus on understanding, as opposed to regurgitation of information, through challenging students to think, ask questions, seek truth, and solve problems.



The middle school years can be an exciting time of growth and development. At Trinity, our faculty works hard to nurture, encourage and equip each student as we prepare them for the transition to high school. Learn more about our exciting middle school program and the academic and extracurricular offerings we provide.



The high school department focuses heavily on preparing students for life after TCS. Opportunities abound regarding AP and dual enrollment courses, providing our students with the advantages needed to pursue the college of their choice. From a biblical foundation that teaches students how to think, our faculty teaches skills needed to help our students thrive. Learn more about our exciting program.

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