Skills Development


Skills Development Program (SDP)

Preparing students for life:  natural, spiritual, and eternal

Developing independent learners by meeting students where they are


The purpose of the Skills Development Program is to provide academic support to students with learning differences that adversely impact their academic performance.  This program strives to teach third through twelfth graders that while they may struggle academically, God has equipped each of them with special gifts and talents that can, and should, be used to glorify Him.  Ultimately, our program strives to maximize the strengths of each student so he/she may maximize his/her success in the classroom.



Eligibility is determined primarily on student need as documented by teacher recommendations, formal and informal assessment results, and/or a psycho-educational evaluation.


Support Services

Students who qualify for the program are afforded the opportunity to have access to in-class support, before- and after-school small group tutoring/organization sessions, accommodations, and enhanced communication between school and home.  Each student will be assigned a learning specialist who serves as the student’s SDP teacher and advocate.


Individualized Learning Plans (ILP)

Each student will have an ILP that gives a synopsis of the student and his/her learning strengths and weaknesses.  It will also include a list of accommodations appropriate for the student to access the curriculum.


Georgia Special Needs Scholarship Funds (SB10)

TCS accepts SB10 funds.  If your student qualifies for these funds, please make note of this on the admissions application.



Please feel free to contact the Director of Skills Development with any questions or to schedule a conference to discuss this possibility for your student.


Heather M. Carroll, M. SpEd
Director of Skills Development