HS Hybrid Program





Trinity Hybrid Program Highlights


Personalized – The goal of the Hybrid program is to create a personalized learning plan for each student. Although some subjects are set due to state and accreditation standards, the partial online forum gives students a unique opportunity to specialize in areas that might not be available in a traditional schedule.


Flexible – The Hybrid program schedule is flexible by nature with students attending school on-campus for only 2-3 days per week. The off-campus day schedule is up to each individual student/family.


Adaptive – Because of the online component of the Hybrid program we have the opportunity to utilize adaptive resources and learning activities that work with students’ natural abilities and strengths to customize learning.


Preparation – The Hybrid program provides an excellent preparation for the student’s future as it truly models a college schedule, giving students valuable practice in managing work loads, due dates and taking ownership of their own learning. Even college is not the student’s future plan, this learning experience can give them the confidence they need as they move forward.


What is the Hybrid Program’s relationship to Trinity Christian School?

While the Trinity Hybrid program has its own unique identity that is distinctly different from the traditional school, all students are a part of the Trinity Christian School Organization. They are considered full-time Trinity students.


Parent’s Role

Trinity Hybrid Program sees the parent’s role as crucial in the student’s academic journey. Since students will have 2-3 off-campus days, supervision and support will be the key for success. We expect parents to become less involved as students progress toward graduation, yet their contribution to the student’s academic growth is important throughout their high school career. 9th and 10th grade parents will naturally take a more active role in guiding and supporting while 11th and 12th grade should be a time of releasing the student to take more responsibility. Senior year should be a time of almost complete autonomy for the student with the parent taking more of an advisor role.


What specifically should parents do?  

Parents should primarily ensure that students are staying on top of their assignments during off-campus days so that the student will be prepared for the on-campus days. If a student is struggling with a particular assignment or concept, parents should encourage students to contact their teacher for help first. Parents can , at times, provide assistance but they should NEVER do the work for the student. (This includes writing papers, quizzes, math work…). One of the most important roles the parent plays is support. Obviously parents will support


What happens if students struggle?

If the student continually struggles to learn the concepts and/or complete the off-campus day work, parents, students, teacher and counselor will meet to consider what the best option is for the student going forward. After the student comes to class unprepared 3 times, a mandatory meeting will be held to determine the student’s aptitude for the Hybrid program. Our number one goal is to ensure the academic success of each student, so we will continually work to determine the student’s suitability for this program.


Student’s Role

The student’s academic growth and development is obviously our primary focus in the Hybrid Program. The courses are tailored to help them succeed and thrive and have as rich an education as they can possibly get. Students should bring to the table their best work on a regular basis. This includes completing their off-campus work thoroughly, coming to their on-campus days prepared and ready to participate and staying in communication with their teacher when they need clarification or assistance whether it be asking questions via email or during tutoring time. Coming to class unprepared is a non-negotiable. Students must prepare for the on-campus days to function properly and effectively.


What does an off-campus day look like?

The beauty of the Hybrid Program is that you can create your own schedule. In other words, you start and end on your own time table. All course assignments and due dates are set at the beginning of the course, so students can do the work required for on campus days whenever they choose. The only expectation is that students will be prepared for the on-campus day of classes. Some students may like to start their work early and get done early. Others may choose to work at night or on at another time. If the student has questions or needs help while working at home, teachers will be available at specific times for  on your at home time.


Teacher’s Role

The role of the teacher is an integral part of the student’s academic plan as he or she sets the purpose, plans and pace of the course. Each course will have an online component which students will work on during off-campus days, yet these are directed by the teacher.  The teacher manages the online assignments and due dates and is available during set times on the off-campus days via email to answer questions and give support. On the on-campus days, teachers lead the classroom experience which will be designed as active, hands-on learning experiences. Teachers also give summative assessments, grade work, give feedback and determine student’s understanding and proficiency of the course objectives.


What does an on-campus day look like?

Students attend school on M, W and Th. Thursday is a flex day meaning that each teacher will determine if the student needs to come for an assessment, project, or lab. Most science labs will happen on this day to allow for longer lab time, and other subjects such as math, literature or history may also meet on a rotating basis. While each class will look different because of the nature of the subject, these face to face experiences give students the opportunity to interact with the teacher and other students solidifying and strengthening their understanding and mastery of the subject matter. Discussions, collaborative work, labs, debates, and other various participation activities give students the missing element of a strictly online program. In addition, summative assessments will take place at school during the on-campus days, most often on the Thursday.  


Administration’s Role

The administrative team at Trinity Christian School high school (traditional program) serve as the student’s primary administrators. This includes the principal, academic dean, counselors and hybrid program director. The role of this team is to work with the student, the parents and the teacher to provide the best possible learning environment and support to ensure academic success.