ES Letter from the Principal


Welcome to Trinity Christian Elementary School!


I have been at Trinity since 2001 when I came as a first grade teacher. It was very small back then! After getting my M.Ed. in Educational Leadership, I became principal in 2006. It has been wonderful to see Trinity both grow and mature as a Christian school through the years that I have been here. I loved being in the classroom, so only my passion for Christ, and a desire to better equip teachers to intentionally and thoroughly teach from a biblical worldview, could have nudged me into my current role as an educational leader.


My teachers are dedicated, godly, and loving educators who work hard to bring their best to their students every day. All of my teachers are certified and many have advanced degrees. With four classes of each grade level, the teachers work in collaborative grade level teams, sharing their ideas and lending their strengths so that each teacher is in a supportive and positive working environment. This creates wonderful classroom environments which benefit from the strengths and creativity of the full team.


It is my passion, above all else, that Christ would be glorified in all that takes place at Trinity Christian School. In the elementary, we have a theme verse. Proverbs 23:23 says, “Buy the truth and do not sell it; get wisdom, discipline, and understanding.” We think that this sums up our desire as we seek to teach truth, as defined by God, in a way that leads to wisdom, discipline, and understanding – true education!


There are a couple of elementary policies that set us apart from other elementary schools. More information about our “No” Homework policy and our discipline philosophy can be found in the General information for Elementary.


We are so thankful for the ways God has blessed our efforts here at Trinity. He takes our little and makes it much!


Candi Roberts M.Ed.
Elementary Principal